Project 0: Static Web Page

Build, deploy, and load test a static web page hosted on GitHub Pages.

This project will ensure that students can deploy and load test a simple web page prior to working with more complicated web applications.

Static web pages are fast to serve, and are relatively trivial to scale. Anyone with access to a free github account can deploy a static web site that can scale to thousands of users without requring any knowledge of how such scaling is accomplished.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Student can setup a git repository and use it for version control.
  • Student can build and deploy a simple static web page.
  • Student can measure average page load time.
  • Student can measure server’s rate limit.

Due Date

Tuesday October 1, 10:59:59 AM PDT

Project Submission

Page Requirements

Your static webpage must:

  • be hosted on GitHub Pages
  • be served via HTTPS
  • be created by hand – go nuts, but don’t use a page generator, nor more markup than necessary
  • contain 100% valid HTML5
  • contain 100% valid CSS
  • utilize the external style sheet to provide style changes

You webpage must include:

  • a page title
  • a page heading
  • an image hosted on the same domain
  • an external CSS file written by you and hosted on the same domain
  • an unordered list with at least three items
  • a table with at least 2 columns and at least 3 rows
  • a hyperlink to the github repository containing the source code

Questions To Answer:

  • On average, how many requests can ab complete in 10 seconds with various power of two concurrency levels between 1 and 256?
  • Why are there diminishing returns at higher concurrency levels?
  • What’s the performance difference when requesting HTTP and HTTPS?
  • How can github respond so quickly?
  • What is your site’s “Time to Interactive” according to PageSpeed Insights?

Required Tools:

Other Resources