Project Ideas

  • Embrace the sharing economy! Build a time-sharing app for pets. Own 30% of a dog.
  • Government data project. A system that uses the large amounts of data at or the Amazon public data sets, see the sunlight foundation projects for some ideas.
  • Leverage the data from the New York Times Developer APIs in order to build something interesting. They have APIs convering geography, movie reviews and more.
  • Stock trade advisor. A system that gathers information about stocks, stock trades, and companies from both traditional and non-traditional sources (blogs, email lists, twitter feeds, facebook) and computes interesting data. Potential interesting data would be correlations between stock price and both non-traditional data, trending information based on non-traditional sources. Could also include social aspects for submitting sources, voting for impact of source, etc.
  • YCombinator inspired: YC Request for Startups Implement some portion of one of the YCombinator “Startup ideas we would like to fund”
  • Homebrew, a seed investor, has a list of areas of interest similar to YC’s RFS:
  • Make your own news aggregator. Techmeme has built an automated news aggregator that works by crawling news sites/blogs/twitter and finding the most popular articles (and authoritative sources based on back linking). Can you build a customized news aggregator of stuff you’d be interested in based on the people you follow on twitter/facebook (and the links they post)?
  • Kickstarter Tracker. There are tons of projects launching every day on Kickstarter, but it’s hard to keep track of what is going. I’d be curious to track and see how much money different projects make each day (graphed over time). Which projects made the most money today? Which projects are trending upwards?
  • What should I buy? At any given time tons of people are tweeting links to things they just bought on Amazon (twitter search) can you aggregate that data and make a dashboard that shows what people are buying on any given day? What products are popular? What type of stuff are people buying?

Past Projects

For more inspiration browse through the 100+ past projects of the Scalable Web Services classes: